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Thankyou Tump Folk

Well what a lovely time I had last night playing at The Tump Folk Club! (organised by Karen) You can find the pictures on Facebook here… It was quite a full night with me doing the headline but… Read More

Tuba Recording

A-harrrr! Today has been the day for Tuba Recording. Hugh Rashleigh came round with his tuba in the sun. It has dents and a bar-code. I expect he just got it from Sainsburys… Very interesting hearing tuba doing… Read More

Warm Me Up Recording

This evening Bill came round to set-up for the tuba tomorrow for we are having a tuba played by Hugh Rashleigh who has invented a plastic trumpet. Hoorah. Anyway – I have recorded the piano part for my… Read More

T-shirt for Dave Pegg

Look! Peggy (Fairport Convention bass player) done a T-shirt out of a cartoon I made for him cos he hurted his fingers badly and couldn’t play for a long time. I saw him with the Fairports on Monday… Read More

No So Arghhh Now

Now I don’t need to communicate using a laptop or bits of paper. I can go lar a bit. Tomorrow I shall be going LAR. And then on Sunday I shall go LAR. And from then on who… Read More


Lost my voice from having a cold and had to cancel stuff… Can’t speak even so = communicating with people using laptop as I am quicker at typing than at writing. However I can see that this will… Read More

Art Made By ?

This was actually part of a day with artist Barbara Jones of our education artist collective The VERY idea to find ways of integrating making marks and making sounds. This was in preparing for a workshop with people… Read More

Saucepan Lids

Look I done this – my friend Louise Bates showed me isn’t she clever

Eddi Reader at Huntingdon Hall

Me and my friend Deborah Rose – excellent singer went off down to Huntingdon Hall the other day to see Eddi Reader who I know from doing some performing with in the past. We were unexpectedly asked up… Read More