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The Fairport Five End of Tour

Hello! Last night I played with the Fairports at Birmingham Town Hall. They are my favourites and I played My Love Is In America with them on my accordion and done singing too. That is a song by Chris Leslie which is lovely. Also they played my song Bring Me Back my Feathers.

This was the final gig of their amazing Winter Tour what I done with them way back in 1999 as support. Cor! The support this year has been a singer songwriter guitar bloke called Roger Davies who is very good. You should check him out.

Anyway the Fairports sound really brilliant. And they do lovely harmonies and singing in octave unison and doing fast tunes and talking about custard and everything.

I done this and stuck it on their dressing room door. This is actually what they look like now they have done the tour. They are totally gorgeous.