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Folk Song For Europe: Sweden

I found this old VHS my brother filmed when he once came up visiting when Warwick Folk Club was on at The Globe Hotel and it happened to be ‘Folk Song For Europe’ night. I was Erika Flippendahft from Sweden. Here it is!

Late 80s! Everyone had to pick a country from a hat – the countries including Tibet, ‘Africa’ and other stupid suggestions.  We then had two weeks to get a song together for the ‘competition’.

I got ‘Sweden’. I went to library and got a Swedish tape out as I thought it would be more convincing to try and sing in Swedish. Harhar. So there are some Swedish words in there somewhere! There were lots of entries including Keith Donnelly doing Scotland.  I can’t even remember if I won the competition or not…

This is the sort of thing we’d do at Warwick Folk Club. I wish we had some footage from ‘The Most Boring Act In The World Competition’. Which I managed to win twice.

I used to, and still do, absolutely love this kind of thing. I am so glad Warwick Folk Club run by Paul and Glen Elliott, Bob and Annie Phillipps and various others such as John and Moira Wirtz all had a great sense of fun. It was here I also learnt about how to get up and play my own songs in front of a great audience…