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Hi everyone – seeing as gigs are not really on for a while yet I am, in the meantime, offering the following things :

GARDEN GIGS: – if you have a garden where people can be socially distanced I can do gigs for donations at your house. Unplugged of course unless you have a massive mansion!  NB – this is all depending on the government rules/guidelines which are quite unclear at the moment. As of August 1st it seems you can only have 6 people together or a maximum of 30 from 2 households. 

RECORDINGS: –  a recording for a birthday/wedding/anniversary/special event. 

FILMS: – a film of a song for a birthday/wedding/anniversary/special event.

CARTOONS: – a cartoon for a birthday/wedding/anniversary/special event.

T-SHIRTS: – a custom-made T-shirt for anything.

COASTERS:  – custom-made coasters for anything.

ONE-OFF ONLINE LESSONS: – as you know I play quite a few instruments so just ask. This is one-to-one and is going to be limited numbers so first come first served…

I can’t price anything here as they are mostly custom-made so you would need to ask.

Or contact me on Facebook or Instagram.