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ELEVENSES Mug & Coaster Set

Hellooooo! New merch – an Elevenses Mug & Coaster Set! You know I’ve been doing “Elevenses with annA”? Well if you don’t it’s a Facebook live thing – I been doing broadcasts starting between 11 & 12 most days from the end of November 2020 right through Christmas (including Christmas Day) to Friday 29th January which was my 50th broadcast. Yayyyyy!

Anyway – well I decided to make some designs for an Elevenses Mug & Coaster Set featuring real people who actually wacthed my Elevenses. I couldn’t fit them all in so I am sorry if some of you aren’t there. Also any resemblance to the real people is either a) accidental b) on purpose c) not a resemblance.  So there. I’ve tried to keep the price as low as I can being only able to get them made as the orders come in – can’t run to buying in bulk I’m afraid! 

On my Elevenses show I usually sing around 3 songs with faffing around inbetween. Sometimes I show instruments or say stuff or show something nice. Or just muck about. Sometime I improvise or show something technical. The second  nice thing for me is I get to play my ‘demented’ Bluthner drawing-room grand piano which I basically grew up on and it’s got all my songs inside. The first nice thing is that people do comments and I reply is I see them in time. They say stuff like ‘What a lovely song’ or ‘What are you on?’ or ‘Ouch’ or ‘hahahaha’ or do emojis which float up the right hand side of the screen.

It is not as good as having a real audience but it is not really a gigso you can’t compare. It’s a sort of happening online and I think it’s very fun because I can do stuff you can’t do on stage like go and fetch something or turn the camera for the viewers to see something else or disappear and appear again. Or go outside and throw snowballs at the window where the camera is pointing. Quite a few people have been watching which has been everso lovely and thank you to all those who donated and watched. There are people from all over UK, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Holland, France, USA and other places. Cor. It’s global. 

I’ve sung 110 of my own songs and 29 covers totalling just about 24 hours. Wasn’t expecting to do this – it just sort of happened. I’m having a little break now to do some projects and put up a bookcase. Hahaha. But I will be back doing Elevenses when I can! In the meantime if you want to see me do a virtual gig there are 2 in the pipeline: FEB 11th Bromsgrove Folk Club (just a short spot – main spot Keith Donnelly) and FEB 16th at The Gather upstairs Ennerdale. More news to follow…