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annA rydeR’s Music & Moving Pictures Tour March 2022

Hello everyone! I’m doing a tour in March which is going to be exciting because it has film. It’s called annA rydeR’s Music & Moving Pictures Tour.

Here’s what it is: A music and moving imagery show – I’m going to sing my songs with the exciting extra dimension of moving pictures : entertaining and atmospheric films made over the last two years in collaboration with artist Nicky Cure. Nicky is my fellow Radar-Bird. She is an artist and we do loads of stuff together. You can see it on the link for Radar-birds.

A mix of stop-motion, my hand-drawn cartoons, Nicky’s art and real-life images and films of curiosity – this will be a show of sound and moving pictures which hopefully will reflect and join in with my diverse styles of songs. Some relate directly to the songs and others are atmospheric or curious or just there.

Do you want to come to one of these gigs?

Are you interested in having this show at a gig near you or at your own house concert? Get in touch.