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How To Operate The Shop

When you put something in your cart from the detailed page it will show at the top as ‘view cart’. (If you put it straight in it from the page of collections, you’ll see it underneath in blue ‘view cart’)

Do ‘View Cart’ and you’ll see your order.

Click on the purple button ‘Proceed to Checkout’ for paying by credit card, debit card or by¬†PayPal.

Fill in your details then choose either pay by PayPal, in which case you put in your password etc, and make sure the address is the same as the one you gave in the first place, OR ‘Pay with Debit or Credit card’ which you will find on the PayPal page. Click ‘Pay’. It processes your order then you follow the instructions.

It says ‘Thanks for your order’ and then you should really ‘return to RowdyMusic’ where you will see the page ‘Order Received’. Let me know if you have any trouble with this by contacting me.