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I O T A news

Our new inventive and entertaining trio of Sally Barker, Marion Fleetwood and me called I O T A are getting gigs in for next year!  Here are some: JAN 25 The Unicorn, Abingdon FEB 17 Farnsfield Acoustic MAR… Read More

Warm Me Up Choir Film

Hello! Took me a while to get this online but here it is! A film of Warm Me Up done live with a local choir called Songlines Community Choir, Warwick – led by Bruce Knight! We did it… Read More

Art Made By ?

This was actually part of a day with artist Barbara Jones of our education artist collective The VERY idea to find ways of integrating making marks and making sounds. This was in preparing for a workshop with people… Read More


LOOOOOOOK!! My website has gone all different and new! It’s got Songstuff and Education and Fing and Blog and Shop and Contact and What’s OnĀ and Mothify! Hoorah!   It has been made by Victoria Power in conjunction with… Read More