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Just Waiting In…

Yesterday – this was what I was doing and also last Friday… But now it’s arrived! Hoorah! Fortunately I am near genius so I know how to work it. You won’t find out if you’re an idiot as… Read More

Being Mark Rylance

We are RadaR-b!Rds and we have done Being Mark Rylance… We love his acting and he did acting in Wolf Hall recently being Thomas Cromwell and very good. We had to do practicing to get the eyebrows and… Read More

Art Made By ?

This was actually part of a day with artist Barbara Jones of our education artist collective The VERY idea to find ways of integrating making marks and making sounds. This was in preparing for a workshop with people… Read More

Saucepan Lids

Look I done this – my friend Louise Bates showed me isn’t she clever

Capturing likenesses

This is a cartoon by Sarah Bates of me…(the caption reads ‘anna shows off her likeness-capturing collection’) See here on Facebox Some people like the middle jar best – which one do you like?


LOOOOOOOK!! My website has gone all different and new! It’s got Songstuff and Education and Fing and Blog and Shop and Contact and What’s On and Mothify! Hoorah!   It has been made by Victoria Power in conjunction with… Read More