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Just Waiting In…

Yesterday – this was what I was doing and also last Friday… But now it’s arrived! Hoorah! Fortunately I am near genius so I know how to work it. You won’t find out if you’re an idiot as… Read More

Folk Song For Europe: Sweden

I found this old VHS my brother filmed when he once came up visiting when Warwick Folk Club was on at The Globe Hotel and it happened to be ‘Folk Song For Europe’ night. I was Erika Flippendahft… Read More

I O T A news

Our new inventive and entertaining trio of Sally Barker, Marion Fleetwood and me called I O T A are getting gigs in for next year!  Here are some: JAN 25 The Unicorn, Abingdon FEB 17 Farnsfield Acoustic MAR… Read More

Warwick Folky Fest

Hello everyone who came to my gig last night and to Keith and my gig in the morning. Those people last night: you were a wonderful audience and thanks for telling me your names – some of which… Read More

Vin Garbutt

I’m really sad to hear Vin died yesterday. 69 is too young. I loved his music and his chat. So funny and so poignant at the same time. Here’s a photo of him doing a gig in 2007… Read More

Warm Me Up Choir Film

Hello! Took me a while to get this online but here it is! A film of Warm Me Up done live with a local choir called Songlines Community Choir, Warwick – led by Bruce Knight! We did it… Read More

Just in Case you thought…

Hellllooo Just in case you thought I was doing a gig at Rowington Folk Club on Feb 15th I won’t be there now sorry but hopefully I’ll be able to get there later in the year! Sorry about… Read More

Thank you Bedworth Folky Fest

Thanks to Bedworth Folk Festival. I had a enjoyifiable time. Who was on? Well I’ll tell you some of them: Kevin Dempsey – if you haven’t seen Kev he is utterly brilliant guitar and voice and was in… Read More

Thank You Bedworth Folk Club

Hey Bedworth Folk Club at The Newdigate – I had a lovely time at your club the other night so I done this for you… Thanks Malc and Gill for inviting me. And to the people who came… Read More

Gig Wednesday

Hi everyone – I got a gig at Bedworth on Wednesday. Anyone coming I wonder? Here is a picture of me doing a gig and exactly what I sound like and exactly what I look like just so… Read More

My friend Chris Short…

…has made his own one of these which I was privileged enough to see recently at his house. Chris Short is part of the brilliant band The Churchfitters who play and sing all sorts of interesting stuff on… Read More

Guess Where….?

Yep – I shall most likely probly be orff to the Fourpenny Shop session tonight at Cromptun Street Warwick…and doing this….

Pre-Festival 4Penny Shop Session!!!

This was brilliant last year. Come along to the 4Penny Shop Pre-Warwick Folk Festival session tonight. Crompton Street, Warwick. All types of music is all lovely and fab. It’ll be great! We’re all going. How about you?