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Hoorah! Latest news is I’ve formed a duo with my good pal and amazing singer/musician Sally Barker. We are releasing an album on September 19th which is called “When I Wake Up”. It is our own songs! You can pre-order it here.

We are very excited about it and can’t wait for it to be with us! This duo formed because, as some of you know, we’ve been working together in our trio IOTA with Marion Fleetwood who is a fab and brilliant singer/musician. We will be doing an official album launch gig at THE MUSICIAN in Leicester on September 19th so please come and see us. We’ll be touring the album during the autumn and onwards.

And also yesterday me n Sal performed at the first warm-up for Cropredy Convention and it was really amazing playing some fantastic songs from Fairport’s repertoire. We’re there agin tonight so hope to see some of you! We can’t wait for the festival to start.



Stuff Happening

Hellllllloooooo! I don’t write on my website that much these days as social media sort of takes over that job really doesn’t it? But I thought I’d put this on seeing as I was updating a few other bits on this.

As you know – I’ve been doing more music than ever recently and so very busy with gigs, writing, recording and rehearsing for the many different projects I’m working in.

These are:

ME solo! (Yay!) and thanks to everyone who has come to my solo gigs and everyone who has booked me for these. I love doing them and I want to have even more.

IOTA (Yay!) This is me, Marion Fleetwood and Sally Barker and those of you who have been folowing and supporting us since we set up last year – thank you. We are having a great time performing and writing and rehearsing and we hope to get gigs in more places so those who are requesting us in their area will get to see us. We love doing this trio and are looking for gigs everywhere!

DUO with Sally Barker (Yay!) – this is very recent and we will be starting gigs soon. We’re utilising songs both of us have written solo and we’re also going to make songs together. Other stuff might happen but we’re not sure yet what it is. We also work as a double header which is when we both turn up and do our own individual stuff and then join in with each other.

THE SANDY DENNY PROJECT (Yay!) – this is most exciting as it just started as me getting invited by PJ Wright and Sally Barker to play at the Jerry Donahue Benefit Concert at the end of 2017. This was amazing as I got to play with Gerry Conway and Pat Donaldson as well – two of the original Fotheringay band members. I have never played with Pat before and it was a brilliant to experience the combined Gerry and Pat sound. So the spin-off from that gig was a desire by PJ Wright and Sally Barker and me to continue this in some way so now we then formed this band (originally named Listen-Listen). Marion is also in this band together with drummer Mark Stevens (Tradarrr) and bassist Mat Davies (15 String Trio + others). We played our very enjoyable ‘SandyFest’ in April at Byfield which was where Sandy last lived. We played Cromer Folk on The Pier a couple of weeks ago which was brilliant, and we’re looking forward to more gigs – especially our one at The New Forest Folk Festival which is an excellent festival to go to!!  (IOTA are also playing!)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION (Yay!) – No I’m not in this iconic band but I will be playing my song The Crowd at Cropredy with them in August this year. I am so pleased they’ve decided to include my song in their set again – it’s all about the crowd who goes to Cropredy.  So it’s about some of you! I played it with them on their May tour. Those of you who go to Fairport gigs and to Cropredy will remember they recorded this on their 2002 album XXXV. I played French horns and accordion and whistles and sang on it.  I have had a long association with Fairport having played either support to them or with them in some guise or another from 1998 onwards. I’m really looking forward to Cropredy 2019 where I shall be situated at the bar some of the time and hope to bump into old friends and some new ones I’ve made this year and last. 

The photo is of me with Fairport earlier this year when they played at The Union Chapel in London…


Lotsa Gigs

Well – there are now quite a few gigs on the books – most of them for IOTA but some solo and a couple of Listen-Listen gigs. If you didn’t know I am now in a trio of me, Sally Barker and Marion Fleetwood writing and performing our own songs – that’s IOTA.

But I’m also in a band with PJ Wright, Sally Barker, Marion Fleetwood, Mark Stevens and Mat Davies forming Listen-Listen which is a band specialising in singing our own versions of Sandy Denny songs. The connection is that I played as the pianist with Fotheringay in 2017 for JerryAid – raising money for Jerry Donahue who had a stroke. It was a great privilege to play with original members Gerry Conway and Pat Donaldson. They were amazing. Listen-Listen is a sort of split-off from that really.

So, as well as playing in a duo with Keith Donnelly doing our favourite covers, I am solo, with IOTA and with Listen-Listen. Yay! Exciting.

I’m now working with my new agent Karen Atkins on putting in dates for me solo.

Just Waiting In…

Yesterday – this was what I was doing and also last Friday…

But now it’s arrived! Hoorah! Fortunately I am near genius so I know how to work it. You won’t find out if you’re an idiot as you won’t be able to work out how to use it to find out what your IQ is. Clever ay!

Folk Song For Europe: Sweden

I found this old VHS my brother filmed when he once came up visiting when Warwick Folk Club was on at The Globe Hotel and it happened to be ‘Folk Song For Europe’ night. I was Erika Flippendahft from Sweden. Here it is!

Late 80s! Everyone had to pick a country from a hat – the countries including Tibet, ‘Africa’ and other stupid suggestions.  We then had two weeks to get a song together for the ‘competition’.

I got ‘Sweden’. I went to library and got a Swedish tape out as I thought it would be more convincing to try and sing in Swedish. Harhar. So there are some Swedish words in there somewhere! There were lots of entries including Keith Donnelly doing Scotland.  I can’t even remember if I won the competition or not…

This is the sort of thing we’d do at Warwick Folk Club. I wish we had some footage from ‘The Most Boring Act In The World Competition’. Which I managed to win twice.

I used to, and still do, absolutely love this kind of thing. I am so glad Warwick Folk Club run by Paul and Glen Elliott, Bob and Annie Phillipps and various others such as John and Moira Wirtz all had a great sense of fun. It was here I also learnt about how to get up and play my own songs in front of a great audience…


I O T A news

I’m in 4 different set-ups now for gigs. SOLO stuff – see my gigs

My trio IOTA with Sally Barker and Marion Fleetwood. We sing original material and play loads of instruments. See us during our Spring Tour in 2019.

“Three brilliant musicians, singers and writers exuding an infectious joy of music. A force to be reckoned with.” JULIE MATTHEWS

I have a duo with singer-songwriter (and comedian – although not comedy in this) Keith Donnelly – we play our favourite covers and have fun.

And an exciting Fotheringay spin-off band we have called Listen-Listen. This is PJ Wright, Sally Barker, Mat Davies, Mark Stevens and Marion Fleetwood. PJ, Sally and I played with the original bass player Pat Donaldson, original drummer Gerry Conway. This is the songs of Snady Denny and we have gigs coming in.



Warwick Folky Fest

Hello everyone who came to my gig last night and to Keith and my gig in the morning. Those people last night: you were a wonderful audience and thanks for telling me your names – some of which are: Barbara, Joe, Tom, Chris, Steve, Steve, Fiona, Robin, Tarquin, Sue, Archibald, Kate, Joni, Fats, Bessie, James, Jimothy, Helen, Dave, Julian, Nictoria and Louis – har har.

Anyway here is my blog fing on my web which you might like to look at. Some of you have been seeing my Facebox page which always just leads to here anyway. Would you like to look round my website? If you get bored of writingy bits then just look at the pictures and cartoons.

I shall be with Keith Donnelly again at the big hall (Punch Tavern place) doing Beatles yay!!

In the meantime – guess which one of you this is seen at Folk Fest?

face folky

Vin Garbutt

I’m really sad to hear Vin died yesterday. 69 is too young.

I loved his music and his chat. So funny and so poignant at the same time. Here’s a photo of him doing a gig in 2007 where I was doing the support for him at East Grinstead – plus a cartoon I gave to him (courtesy of Martin Snodin) as he kindly gave me chocolate…DSC_0378WebVinlive1webAnnalive 1

Warm Me Up Choir Film


Took me a while to get this online but here it is! A film of Warm Me Up done live with a local choir called Songlines Community Choir, Warwick – led by Bruce Knight!

We did it in the Unitarian Chapel in Warwick and Bill Bates, brilliant person all round, did the recording while John Wright, another all round brilliant person, did the filming.

Thanks SO much to all who sang on that day – you were fantastic!

Just in Case you thought…


Just in case you thought I was doing a gig at Rowington Folk Club on Feb 15th I won’t be there now sorry but hopefully I’ll be able to get there later in the year!

Sorry about that to anyone who was thinking of coming along. It’s at the back room of none other than The Old Fourpenny Shop where we have our session and run by Pete Grassby so pop along anyway some time! So for now here is a picture of me attempting to play the accordion nicely. Love annAPlay-the-Accordion1WM

Thank you Bedworth Folky Fest

Thanks to Bedworth Folk Festival. I had a enjoyifiable time.


Who was on? Well I’ll tell you some of them: Kevin Dempsey – if you haven’t seen Kev he is utterly brilliant guitar and voice and was in Whippersnapper which is when I first saw him. Keith Donnelly – you must know him by now! He was doing all sorts including playing with me doing some covers which was fun and intrestifying. Also with the amazing Flossie Malavialle as Dark Horses and as hisself being funny and serious.

Also Brian Phillips – really funny and great guitar and singing too, Daisybell who sadly I didn’t see but everyone said they were fab, John Richards (who has also had songs covered by Fairport amongst others), Maria Barham – great singer and guitar player, Alhambra which is my friend Pete Lister from absolutely yonks ago and his friend John and Andy who are all very funny and sing Tiptoe Through the Tulips and suchlike, Paul Downes who finished off the festival on Sunday night and many others who I haven’t mentioned… There were lots of local players and singers as well and the weather stayed ok for everyone. And at the end of my final set on the Sunday I was able to play my song Bring Me Back My Feathers on banjo with Noel Le Long on mando – I had a lot of instruments as many of you will know so didn’t bring it on the other days! – Anyhow here’s the Fairport version of my song in case you are intrested…

Thanks in particular to Malc Gurnham and Gill Gilsenan who organised the whole thing. And to everyone who turned up to see us all play!


Thank You Bedworth Folk Club

Hey Bedworth Folk Club at The Newdigate – I had a lovely time at your club the other night so I done this for you…

thanks-bedworth-folk-clubThanks Malc and Gill for inviting me. And to the people who came all the way from Stourbridge and beyond! Malcolm, Jim and co, and John B. Smith for taking some photos which you can see below. And to everyone else who came and stayed. And to the other players Brian, Dave, Steve, John and anyone I left out. See you at Bedworth Folk Festival at the end of the month which in case you didn’t already know is the 40th one! Hoorah and hooray.

dsc04510-1 dsc04515-2 dsc04522-3

Gig Wednesday

Hi everyone – I got a gig at Bedworth on Wednesday. Anyone coming I wonder? Here is a picture of me doing a gig and exactly what I sound like and exactly what I look like just so you know. Plus also a picture of the organiser called Malc which is also a extremely good likeness…