17 Songs – Book


An A4 type book with lyrics, tunes, music, and chords of 17 of annA’s songs, and some cartoons. All 17 songs are from early albums. Includes Sailing Boat.


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Songs in here are from the 2 albums ‘Eye To Eye’ (1993) and ‘What’s Afoot’ (1990) with the last song recorded for a compilation CD by Cycle Records called ‘Songs From The Smoke’:
Some songs are tune with chords, some are just chords with lyrics and some are just lyrics.
With photos, and cartoons by annA.
The notation is handwritten by annA and there is information about tuning and instruments.

1. A Child Like Me – handwritten tune with chords
2. The Session Song – handwritten tune with chords
3. We’ll Get Time – lyrics
4. Money Children – lyrics
5. Gone – handwritten tune with chords
6. Downtrodden – lyrics + chords
7. Robert – lyrics
8. Homeward – handwritten tune with chords
9. Love Is A Curious Thing – handwritten tune with chords
10. Sailing Boat – handwritten tune with chords
11. You Can Leave Me – lyrics + chords
12. The Hill Song – lyrics + chords
13. The End Of The Summer – handwritten tune with chords
14. You’re Still On My Mind – lyrics
15. Big Tree – lyrics
16. One-Two-Tree Blues – lyrics + chords
17. Quicksand Hornpipe – handwritten tune with chords