Elevenses Mug & Coaster Set


Your very own “Elevenses” Mug & Coaster Set with specially designed cartoons. Made specially for annA’s live Facebook “Elevenses”.

You will get BOTH designs on your mug so you won’t need to make a decision about the mug – the annA & piano design on one side and the crowd design on the other (maybe you are in it!) plus one coaster with the design of your choice. NB FOR YOUR COASTER please choose the piano design or the crowd design in the dropdown menu below. If you want 2 coasters or more with your mug (with the same or different designs) please contact annA for a custom order! More details below…

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Hoorah! Here it is! Your very own Elevenses Mug & Coaster Set with specially designed cartoons. Following annA’s successful live Facebook broadcasts of her daily Elevenses show – annA has now produced this mug and coaster to enjoy Elevenses with!! annA used real people who watched Elevenses in her ‘crowd’ cartoon. There were more people watching but she couldn’t fit them in! annA accepts no responsibility for how people look in her cartoons. Any resemblance to the real people depicted is purely coincidental/on purpose.

If you want to order more coasters than mugs just contact annA on here or Facebook.

We’re sorry that orders for single coasters can’t be taken but please ask if you’d like a quantity of coasters without mugs.

NB these special sets are going to be fulfilled in multiples after customer orders come in to avoid bigger costs – therefore they won’t be delivered straight away but you’ll be kept informed of how your order is going! 

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Piano design, Crowd design