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Other Music Work

I do House Concerts – to find out more contact me.

I do session work.  I can do vocals including harmonies and arrangements, French horn, trumpet, piano and keyboards, guitar, accordion, banjo, penny whistle and I have many unusual instruments and a huge variety of percussion and sounds. My collection includes 20 CasioTone V1 mini keyboards (1980s vintage), Korg M1 keyboard, a full 2 octave C-scale Indonesian Anklung, many instruments from around the world, music boxes, giant outdoor xylophone and many others. I can also do arrangements for any of these and others.

I do cartoons. You can ask me to make a cartoon of you, your friends, family, your band or your dog even. Here are some examples.

I also have done the odd bit of music for films. Look in the films section. I like making music for films as I can use instruments and sounds I haven’t used on my own song recordings.

Some of my work has been in education and you can take a look here.

I’m also an occasional Music Consultant for a musical instrument company called Sound Children which is part of Drums For Schools. The company makes instruments in Bali and runs the company from there and from London. I’ve been to Bali to see and advise on the stuff they’re making. I have spent time working with all ages and I advise on what kind of instruments to use and how, and what approach is good. I’ve also designed some cartoony-type cards for teachers so they can get some ideas about making music with very young children. You can see one or two of the cards in the gallery below.

I sometimes work with dancers and make music for them. Mostly this is contemporary dance. It used to be a large part of my work. I worked with Birmingham Royal Ballet’s education department for a few years in the 90s helping them take ballet into schools.
I also worked as a musician for Coventry University who ran the first HND dance course in the country. I accompanied their classes – always improvising the music – and lectured sometimes in the music department.

Here’s a taste of this music stuff…