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scan-rabbit1Me, Myself, and I, John Rabbit Bundrick, keyboardist for The Who, and therefore generally a musician of all things loud and rock heavy, met Anna Ryder at the Cropredy Festival, a Fairport Convention Annual event at which I was onboard as the resident keyboardist.
This was my chance to do the ‘folky’ thing as a change to my staple diet of ‘rocks’…and Anna asked me if I would play on one of her future projects. I said of course, and now in 2003, she has done a fantastic new solo album, given me a call, sent me the material, and I set about adding my keyboard parts in the relevant places on the tracks.

As each track unfolded, I was reminded by her quality and composing skills, that I too was just a ‘real’ musician at heart, and not a rock star, or poser to the medium.
Working on Anna’s record has reminded me of why I became a musician all those many years ago. I was in search of all things musically relevant to high class, quality, perfection, and taste, and not just to bang out a few chords on the organ as loud as I could, just to get noticed. Working on Anna’s new album was for me a refresher course in what it means to be a ‘real’ musician, with class and fidelity, and perfection…thank you Anna for the reminder. 


John Rabbit Bundrick – keyboardist The Who (about Paper Girl)

Copy of RR040The multi-talented ball of energy that is Anna Ryder, was kind enough to support my band All About Eve several years ago. We asked her to do so because we loved her songs. She was also wonderful enough to come on stage with her horn (French, or flugel? I don’t know which… I’m no hornologist), and guest on one of our tunes each night.  I also did a gig with her and some of her chums, at Banbury Mill, and it was almost too much fun. She’s a clever, charming and warm woman, and more importantly, a razor-sharp songwriter … and she’s not bad at snooker either.

Julianne Regan (All ABout Eve)

Mojo-1999-blur‘A confident and varied singer-songwriter album with depth and integrity’ with ‘songs that demonstrate a rare originality’ and ‘that demand your attention’

Kingsley Abbott MOJO magazine



I first heard Anna perform three years ago in Coventry, and since then I have been, I think, her biggest fan. The originality of her songs and her musicianship place her in the forefront of young British singer-songwriters.
                    Why she is not headlining concerts seven days a week is a mystery to me.

Dave Swarbrick

Peggy wiki

annA rydeR is Fairport’s favourite singer/songwriter. It was a real joy listening to her perform every night on our tour and her diary and cartoons kept us chuckling for hours.

Dave Pegg (Fairport Convention)

When I heard Anna I was just blown away, she writes such crafted songs, melodies with great feeling, I just had to play with her. 

           Dave Pegg (About recording Pockets On Fire)


annA rydeR’s approach to
songwriting is fresh and original,
her instrumentation surprising and
her themes out of the ordinary.
I think she’s special. 

Ralph McTell


Your tape is dead good and we got the best of the deal.
We play it in the car to make us
feel better and if we’re excited
yodel harmonies that beset the car
with joy and loveliness.

Pete Challoner Old Rope String Band


You do sing as well as my ears grow to peaceful vehicles

 Tim’s Literary Supplement

Where have you been all our lives! We enjoyed the show so much! Your songs are so original, personal, yet for everyone.

Dave and Linda Brookes (after a gig)

Simon1It was only when we investigated (singing Sailing Boat) that we realised
what a great songwriter and singer she was…

Simon Nicol (talking about Sailing Boat)


Anna puts the soul of the people into music.

Greenpeace Concert at The Royal Spa Centre
(article in local paper by Cyril Wren)

Tiny but not least is annA rydeR (more than typographically eccentric) debuting  ‘The Crowd’ (her song) written for Simon Nicol’s voice and featuring her own brass arrangement.
It may become the ‘Cropredy Heads’ ‘All You Need Is Love’.

Graham Higgins The Post (USA)

Thanks very much for your wonderful website, especially the recipes and guide to Warwick. My friend lived somewhere near the Leycester Hospital, exactly where I don’t know because the only time I visited I drank too much Banks’s in the pub nearby and lost my sense of direction. Anyway it’s 25 years ago and we all wore smocks and danced to Liege and Lief then. PS Could you please ask Swarb to write his autobiography, I need cheering up.

Ed Grummit (fan email)

So there we were in a large school hall in north Nottinghamshire….Anna Ryder suggested everyone shout ‘nice hair’ when Fairport took the stage and no-one did except my 10 year old son at the front. Nice moment for which he got Anna’s 99 Tour Diary free and signed by three fifths of FC. He was very chuffed…


YAY! For your gig type thing the other night, very cooool…my friend was so impressed that he bought your CD and now I bet he’s gonna listen to it a lot and say funny stuff to me like “ooooh I reckon she’s using DADGAD tuning on this one…” cos he’s a guitar nerd…

Nic (fan)

I thought I’d drop you an email to say…yes it was the strangest gig we’ve been to, really intimate..if that’s the word to describe it…BUT we really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and best wishes to the rest of the band.

 Linda (following very poorly attended gig)

I took your advice with the shopping trolley and ended up with a yacht. Now due to your website I am lost in a Warwick supermarket and have no dosh to pay for the parking fees for the yacht and in any event there is no wind to get out of the shopping aisle – the boat only has a shallow draught!

Do I have to wait for the next flood before sailing off? Will the local council let me off the parking fines if I can find a vacant space in the shopping centre? In Order that I may raise finance for the said fines may I sue you for doubtful advice – or can you provide me with a homemade plan for some oars manufactured from dilapidated bird-tables or are they purely for the birds??

 Rob (fan)

Many thanks for sending the live CD. It’s great….must admit I’m not a great fan of ‘live’ recordings, but yours is the exception. Wonderful performances of some wonderful songs. Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It says (for example) that most people play 20% of their CD collection for 80% of the time and…vice versa. It’s certainly true for me. Just wanted you to know that you are in my most played 20%!

Julian The Juggler

Paul Edwards

Recently drove the wild roads of Northumberland listening to Pockets on Fire album…so pleased to hear you are back in the studio …you paint great songs!!!

Paul Edwards


Rui Vasco Godinho Mendes

Hello annA ! How are you ? Was the thursday gig a good one ?… All week I have been listening to “Paper girl” and it is such a good one. Drive to work, time for two tracks… Drive back home, time for another two or three… and the result is a big smile on my face, just imagining I am before the stage seeing you live, along with Peggy, Gerry, PJ… It has the ability to carry me to a “dream land”. Big hug and kiss, from still unusually sunny and warm Lisboa…


Rui Vasco Godinho Mendes