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Imagine 2013

I was invited by Sound Children Early Years (the musical instrument company and a branch of Drums For Schools) in my capacity as a music consultant to run some music workshops at Imagine Nursery in Coventry. This is part of research being carried out by Sound Children into instruments for young children and approaches to music-making.

The aim was to record footage, take photos and do sound recordings of children exploring Sound Children’s new instruments – for publicity but also to test the instruments and really notice how children explored the instruments together, how they communicated and what kinds of things they did. It was very interesting….

The manager of Imagine, Baljit Gill, made a whole room available to use which the nursery subsequently made into the ‘music room’.

Armed with Sound Children’s wide range of instruments sent on ahead by courier, I was able to offer children and practitioners many sessions over two weeks of visits to the nursery. Children came to visit in groups of 2 to 8 and were aged 2 and 3.

Children thoroughly explored and experimented with the instruments sometimes for very long periods of well over an hour. Lots of composing and song-writing happened which we recorded. We also managed some time outside as well.

You’ll get a pretty good idea of the sessions here…

Here are some films which are also on the Sound Children website…

If you’d like more films look here



Photos and films were taken by Matt Shaw, Joel Blackledge and Anna Ryder