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New Skin: Reception Class Project

This was a Creative Partnerships Coventry project during 2007 in several schools as part of ongoing work following the Second Skin Project with Early Years.

I worked with a Reception Class and their teachers with a focus on sound and learning outdoors.
To start with I worked with my colleague Matt Shaw (3D artist and sculptor) and musician Mason Le Long to make a set of outdoor instruments in their small spinney.
The trees were useful supports for some of the structures and we spent several days making a xylophone-den, a tube-o-phone, a variant tube-o-phone, a slat-o-phone, a speaker-tube-cluster, a scaffold-pole-chime, and various other sound-making provocations.

The children were able to see this being built and asked lots of questions and we were able to try out some sounds with the children before finishing them off which enabled slight edits and changes.
I then led some music sessions with both reception classes numbering 56 in total who occupied the same space.

We played instruments together inside and outside, and purchased enough harmonicas for every child to have one as part of the project.
Armed with cameras the children took photos of things which interested them outside and we then made a story with sounds around those photos together.

This they named ‘The Shadowstone’ (the name given to a plastic ‘jewel’ found by one of the children and photographed):