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My friend Chris Short…

…has made his own one of these which I was privileged enough to see recently at his house. Chris Short is part of the brilliant band The Churchfitters who play and sing all sorts of interesting stuff on… Read More

Guess Where….?

Yep – I shall most likely probly be orff to the Fourpenny Shop session tonight at Cromptun Street Warwick…and doing this….

Pre-Festival 4Penny Shop Session!!!

This was brilliant last year. Come along to the 4Penny Shop Pre-Warwick Folk Festival session tonight. Crompton Street, Warwick. All types of music is all lovely and fab. It’ll be great! We’re all going. How about you?


Blimin’ ‘eck! My album has got mixed! Spencer Cozens at Steinway Recording Studio has been amazing… Erg. Got back from Lincolnshire at 5am leaving Spen looking like this! The new CD will be mastered next then hopefully it… Read More

4penny Shop TONIGHT

Thee Question is: Are you going? Cos I am and also cos our lovely pub owners/landlord/lady are leaving for Ireland so we want to wish them a happy-off-to-Ireland type evening. Tonight 8.45pm The Old Fourpenny Shop Crompton Street… Read More

Mark Lee at Blue Moon

Helloooo! This was a while ago while recording a song called Life Is Never… Blue Moon is a good place to get stuff done! Mark Lee is brilliant. Here he is…

Recording News

Hellllooooo!!! Just to let you know that my new CD The Art Of Making Faces is still being mixed by my friend Spencer Cozens at his studio Steinway Recording (keyboardist John Martyn and Joan Armatrading and also with… Read More

Fourpenny Shop Advert

NB annA rydeR cannot accept any responsibility for mispronunciation of names in this video in particular that of Jonathan Waller which is pronounced ‘Wall’ (as in brick) followed by ‘er’. All characters represented in this work could be fictitious…. Read More

The Fairport Five End of Tour

Hello! Last night I played with the Fairports at Birmingham Town Hall. They are my favourites and I played My Love Is In America with them on my accordion and done singing too. That is a song by… Read More

Churchfitters at Edge

We saw the Churchfitters at last at Edge Village Hall on Saturday! Hoorah! They are great because a) Their music is wonderful b) they play lots of excitfying and intresting instaments c) They are nice d) They have… Read More

Playing a Song with Fairports

Hoorah! I am playing a song with the Fairports on the last night of their tour at Birmingham Town Hall on this Sunday March 6th… I spect they will also play my Bring Me Back My Feathers song… Read More

Treat for Thursday 4Penny…

Hello look who is coming to the Fourpenny Shop on next Thursday! Yes it’s Pete Jones and if you forgot what he looks like this is what he used to look like but he’s alright now…    … Read More

Recording Latest

THE LATEST NEWS This recording is shaping up nicely and I am hoping it will be out late March or early April (2016). It has these songs on it: Musicians, Bring Me Back My Feathers, Watching The Waves,… Read More