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The Art Of Making Faces LATEST


This is annA’s LATEST and long-awaited 13 track studio album bursting with original songs and littered with lots of interesting musicians and sounds.
These songs are diverse and enthralling and you even get a live bonus track featuring a choir…

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A long time in the making this new studio album is 13 of annA’s original songs plus a live bonus track. Featuring Dave Pegg, Clive Bunker,  Alan Thomson, Spencer Cozens, Chris Leslie, Oonagh Ryder, Mason Le Long, Noel Le Long, Simon Nicol, Chas McDevitt and others, there are 17 musicians on this album not to mention a 50-strong choir.
This is annA’s most ambitious album yet with 13 very diverse songs which include Bring Me Back My Feathers and Watching The Waves.

Recorded and mixed between 2014 and 2016 at Heathcote Studios, Blue Moon Studios and Steinway Recording.

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      01 Musicians Sample


      02 Watching The Waves Sample


      03 Bring Me Back My Feathers Sample


      04 Fly Away Little Bird Sample


      05 Just Come Home Sample


      06 Everybody Loves You Sample


      07 Warm Me Up Sample


      08 Zero Inches Sample


      09 Company Shirt Sample


      10 Life Is Never Sample


      11 Lay Down Your Worries Sample


      12 Song For My Piano Sample


      13 Lucky Joe's Mum Sample