Eye To Eye Mp3

A 1993 RowdyMusic release featuring 11 original songs.
Guitar, piano, horns, banjo and accordion all played by annA.
Here you’ll find the original recording of Sailing Boat.

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Downloads-3Recorded in 1993 this is annA’s 2nd album with 11 of her songs. It includes Sailing Boat with 3 French horns played by annA.

Recorded at Backtrack Studio,Croydon in 1993 by Oliver Nicholls.


      01 A Child Like Me

      02 The Session Song
      03 Money Children
      04 We'll Get Time

      05 Gone
      06 Downtrodden
      07 Robert
      08 Homeward
      09 Love Is A Curious Thing

      10 You Can Leave Me

      11 Sailing Boat