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My Piano Hammer

02-19-14-Chris-piano-hammerChris Teuten the brilliant piano tuner has had to take away one of my piano hammers in January sometime. In fact it is actually not all that bad because it is a note I don’t know about as it’s right at the very top and only sound like this = plink. It doesn’t even have a proper note I mean I don’t even know why it’s there for…I mean I’d rather have some more notes down the other end, I’m always using those and there always hardly ever seem to  be enough notes there.

Anyway – even though I don’t really need the hammer what makes the note go plink I rather miss it as I know it is missing. So I am wondering when he shall be bringing it back to me.

‘Bring me back my Bb, bring it back to me…’

Lar-lar-lar (plink)