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My Piano Hammer

Chris Teuten the brilliant piano tuner has had to take away one of my piano hammers in January sometime. In fact it is actually not all that bad because it is a note I don’t know about as… Read More

New open mic starting

Hello here is a lovely new open mic starting. It’s every 3rd Sunday of the month starting THIS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 16th. It is EARLY start and finish 6.30pm until 9pm.   It’s at Priors Marston village which is… Read More

Recording Zero Inches

So I’ve mostly been at Bill’s doing recording Zero Inches which is going to have = lots of trumpets and is going to get a tuba undoubtedly. At the moment though I just need to get the vocal… Read More

Bill’s Brain

It was accordion last night what made Bill Bates’s brains exploding. I done ‘Zero Inches’ tried to sing and play at same time but accordion obviously too gharsly and loud so needed to do the accordion by it… Read More

Lovely Gig at FourPenny Shop

Helloooo On Saturday I done a gig with lots of other people for a local charity Myton Hospice. It was at The Old Fourpenny Shop which is also where the session is on Thursdays. It has nice landlord… Read More

Gig tonight!

Gig tonight just getting ready got 13 items: Keyboard, keyboard seat, keyboard stand, keyboard leads and pedal, guitar, trumpet, accordion, cajon, bag of bits, bag of lights, another guitar, mandolin, merch, other bag. What fun it will be…. Read More

In The Studio

So I’ve been at Bill’s in his studio again putting the vocal on one of my rather awkwardish type songs called ‘Life Is Never’. It is played on my ‘stupid tuning’ guitar which is a Yamaha. It was… Read More

Paul Elliott and His Double Bass

To Paul Elliott: I have heard rumours you’re getting your bass working when-o-when-o-when? Please do. When will it be ready? How long will it take? This is what we wanna see…

Piano tuner

Yesterday I had my grand piano tuned by none other than thee famous Chris Teuten. He tunes many many pianos all over the place. This is him… He always wear a suit and tie and has a interestifying… Read More

Warwick Folk Club next week

I’m going to be at my local club in Warwick playing some stuff for Bill Bates’ night with friends. It’ll probably just be a couple of songs but I shall also probably play along with other people I expect. Keith… Read More


LOOOOOOOK!! My website has gone all different and new! It’s got Songstuff and Education and Fing and Blog and Shop and Contact and What’s On and Mothify! Hoorah!   It has been made by Victoria Power in conjunction with… Read More

Recording started…

Well I’ve started recording at my friend Bill Bates’ place. Heathcote Studio. He has a little well-equipped studio and has recorded albums for Keith Donnelly, Ursula Holden-Gill and others. I recorded the vocal and guitar for a song… Read More


Last night I went to The Tin (formerly known as Taylor John’s) in Coventry to see Batsch (formerly known as Don’t Move) launch their new EP which was released as an mp3 download but also as a cassette. Cassettes are… Read More

2013 other stuFF

Song-writing: Bring Me Back My Feathers, All We Want, Wait Didmarton Bluegrass Festival Aug 29th to Sep 1st solo set with new songs plus sessions all night long Cropredy Village Hall May 27th with Fairport Convention – solo… Read More

General Stuff Going On

2012 December 2 christmas-type gigs with Dave Pegg (Fairport Convention) and PJ Wright with Brooks Williams – Banbury Mill then Priors Marston Village Hall Birmingham Town Hall Nov 2nd as part of Dave Pegg’s 65th birthday celebration Playing Sailing… Read More

2011+2012 StuFF

Playing Sailing Boat with Fairport and Somewhere Over The Rainbow with Chris Short of The Churchfitters – also featuring the Strawkestra Didmarton Bluegrass Festival with Alan Thomson (John Martyn Band and others) Song-writing: Everybody Loves You Recording session:… Read More