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Imagine: EY Practitioner Music Training

As part of my work as a music consultant for Drums For Schools and Sound Children musical instrument company I had been leading some music-making sessions for Early Years children at Imagine Nursery in Coventry in 2013. I did several workshops with children and practitioners which you can see here.

The aim was to record footage, take photos and do sound recordings of children exploring Sound Children’s new instruments – for publicity but also to test the instruments and really notice who children explored the instruments together, how they communicated and what kinds of things they did. It was very interesting….

As a follow-up to this I offered a workshop to practitioners from the nursery and from other pre-school settings in Coventry. This was a 2 hour workshop which gave an opportunity to do just a few things including trying out instruments and making a song together which could be used with the children.

These are some films:

Exploring the instruments:

Playing ‘Parking’

Playing ‘Parking’ in fast motion:

Keeping rhythm and creating a song:

‘Come And Play’ song:

‘Come and Play’ song played very fast:

Farting straws:

Interview with a participant: