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uneXpected memOries: CPD

This was part of the project uneXpected memOries which also involved Early Years children aged 3 and 4.

There is more explanation about the whole project including this CPD here.

It was an unusual and ambitious project which connected a children’s centre with a school through practitioners from the centre and teachers and teaching assistants from the school coming together but crucially with some of the parents as well.
We were lucky enough to be able to have 4 CPD sessions with the adults in order for everyone to become immersed in the creative activities we offered.
This included a music workshop and writing a song, a small materials workshop, a workshop using massive scale brown paper and tape, and a workshop using dogwood and cellophane to make shadow puppets.

By doing this together parents, teachers and practitioners got to know one another and were also able to experience the feeling of being absorbed in something as well as prepare for the ensuing 5 sessions with their children.