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Fairport singing Bring Me Back My Feathers

Hoorah and hooray. Fairport Convention have been on tour – last gig tonight – and have one of my songs in their set. It is called Bring Me Back My Feathers which I wrote for my strange meddled-with Ozark banjo, and they’ve also recorded it on their latest album called Myths and Heroes. Fairport have recorded 2 others of my songs in the past – Sailing Boat and The Crowd. It is so nice that they liked another song though!

Banjo red low resHere’s what I wrote about the song in the album notes:
I made this on an Ozark 5-String banjo which was purloined for me from an Oxfam shop in 1987. Needless to say the banjo has four strings which I didn’t remedy, and tend to tune it nowadays to CGCD which is a sort of bluegrassy mountain tuning.
This is the tuning I was fiddling about with using a flat pick when this simple tune popped up – I put in some place-holder words which had been made during a special needs project I do every year in Brum called Fox Hollies Summer Scheme (we produce a show from scratch making the story, drama, music, songs, dance and artwork, and then we perform it at the end of the week). The original meaning of the line was literal, the whole show being about a parrot! I meant to replace the words which turned out to be the title of the song, but this line stuck, and I’m glad it did as it’s slightly peculiar.

Myths and Heroes