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1998 Diary

1. Found I liked custard after all


2. Got flooded and had to move house

3. Cortina broke

4. Recorded ‘Pockets On Fire’

5. Cortina broke again


6. Played at Cropredy

7. Did not go on holiday at all

8. Bought another Cortina

9. New Cortina broke

10. Moved house and then moved back to the house I’d
moved out of

11. Forgot to do my tax return

12. Ate a considerable amount of really nice chocolate

13. Got a new kitchen

14. Found I was not as tall as I thought I was

15. Realised that maybe having Ford Cortinas was not
such a good idea after all

16. Forgot to put the clocks back yet again but for
most of the next day as well this time

17. Went to see Fairport twice

18. Released rabbits into Hatton Country World Rabbit

19. Found stick insects are harder to look after than
you might think

20. Worked for the Royal Ballet more than usual and had
to learn Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev


21. Tried to obtain a copy of The Klingon Dictionary

22. Made a bird table

23. Had to be towed in my old Cortina out of The Lord
Nelson car park when Micky realised it was deterring his customers. Found
out that it’s actually quite difficult being towed by a maniac going at 50
in a clapped out Landrover when it’s pouring with rain and you’ve got no
electrics and the brakes don’t really work

24. Realised Frank is never going to put an engine in
my old Cortina even if I pay him money and even though my friend
‘Cortina-Man’ has tried his best to persuade him


25. Only had my hair cut once


26. Read ‘Wild Swans’ by Yung Chang

27. Went ice-skating


28. Locked myself out of my temporary home 3 times but
found it quite fun waving down a windows van and asking to borrow a ladder

29. Hired a van due to no.5

30. Made some new friends called Peggy, Simon, Chris,
Ric, Gerry, Mark,Matt, Tammy, Christine, Rob, David, Elizabeth, Philip,
Charles, Maureen, Enid and Chloreen Scraggs

31. Found out that 144% is the biggest anything on
paintbrush will go to on my computer and that’s not very big

32. Found out you can get cantaloupe flavour jelly

33. Forgot what other things there are on this list,
please send in things I’ve missed off