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1999 October 10th Washing

The reason I’m here is cos my washing machine
has broken by making a burning rubber smell and deliberately going on the wrong
programme and then refusing to release the washing.


At least it gives me time to write this. The news is that I’ve had a
great time doing Cropredy in August, my new publishing thingy ‘Fairport On
Tour 99’ by me is out. You know – it has all the cartoons in it like
‘The Normal Adventures Of The Fairport Five’ and ‘Chloreen
Scragg The Agrophobic Weatherhag’ etc. Everyone likes it. Also my songbook
‘17 Songs’ is now definitely out after a delay.

Also I’m going to Germany at the end of November for to do some gigs
there. Not sure where abouts but November 27th and 28th are definitely
somewhere. You can get these details soon. Also I’ll be doing some support
gigs for The Dylan Project starting Oct15 in Coventry plus some gigs of my own.
Oct 10 will be good cos that’s at Huntingdon Hall Worcester with David
Hughes double billing then to London Denmark Street 12-Bar the next day. And
then some in November. Look at the Big Gig List for details.

Oh – hang on a minute – just got to get my washing out cos it says
‘extract’ ….

Phew – done that. Now I’ve just got to wait for me whites ….

Plus I’ve also written some new songs which I’ll most likely try
out at our newest oldest folkclub in Warwick (at The Greyhound Inn, Emscote
Road every Tuesday). If I get a chance. Colin the internet person who puts all
this website up said not to write too much so I’d better stop. I hope
I’ve said all my news. Please carry on e-mailing me if you can because
I’m getting a bit better at doing replies now. Or join my mailing list by
writing to my PO Box.

Have fun generally with small sad or annoying bits in between so you can
notice you’re having fun.