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2001 The Holywell Rooms Oxford April 21st

The Holywell Roooms, Oxford

annA rydeR worLd with annA rydeR banD who are Chris Knibbs trombone-guitar-singer and Kate Luxmoore clarinet and bass clarinet!

 This was fun.

band_cartoon_02The band got together and did some practicing. Also some other people joined in e.g. Keith Donnelly to do an opening turn. And Mason Le Long to play with us.



Things that were there:

grand piano of top quality

4 standard lamps. Lovely

200 seats for you all

guitars, accordion, trumpet

clarinet, bass clarinet

trombone, guitar again, sound effects

and possibly a bicycle pump maybe


some cartoons

three video cameras


 People that were there:

Keith Donnelly (very fine comedian who writes for Jasper Carrott and Phil Cool and also good singer-songwriter and nice person) He is doing support and other stuff.

Kate Luxmoore (unusual clarinettist and bass clarinettist and singertype who is friend and good musician)

Chris Knibbs (riskytype trombonist person who also plays guitar and other stuff – played on Pockets)

Mason LeLong (unknown yet suspiciously good guitarist and other stuff player – has own band. And looks a lot older than he actually is)