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Poke Prod Haddock

A game invented out of boredom at a dreadful school by some teenagers…


NB this was invented miles before poke on Facebook

Figure 1. Poke the other person and say ‘poke’ as demonstrated…


Figure 2. The other person should then poke that person back and say ‘prod’ as demonstrated…


Figure 3. The 1st person must then re-poke the 2nd person and say ‘haddock’ (pictured haddock and poking tools are for demonstration purposes only and should not be used during the actual process)


Figure 4. Once ‘haddock’ has been established then the 2nd person may choose from the following options 1) poke 2) prod 3) haddock 4) pike 5) cod

HOWEVER the last word of either person may not be repeated i.e. in this case the poked person may not say either ‘haddock’ or ‘prod’ so must choose from ‘poke’, ‘pike’ or ‘cod’.


Continue like this. Do it fast.

Figure 5. If you like you may use other words. E.g. ‘octopus’…


Figure 6. Or make it seasonal (wrapped christmas tree NB safety+health+hefty+stealth)…


And of course rude words is a good one.

There you go play ‘Poke, Prod, Haddock’ today and discover the meaning of fun.