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Recording started…

Well I’ve started recording at my friend Bill Bates’ place. Heathcote Studio. He has a little well-equipped studio and has recorded albums for Keith Donnelly, Ursula Holden-Gill and others.


I recorded the vocal and guitar for a song called ‘Lay Down Your Worries’ which I wrote in 1993 – that’s a 20 year old song! It’s rather strange coming back to this song – I used to sing it quite a lot but it missed getting recorded on “Pockets On Fire’ and didn’t really fit for ‘Paper Girl’. So it’s interesting to sing it again.

I’m approaching this in a different way to how I recorded years ago. Then I went into a studio and recorded everything over a relatively short period. That meant everything had to be in perfect condition – I mean the performance and quality of playing and the arrangements and decisions on instrumentation already made etc. If you were regularly gigging then mostly all this fitted into place.



With this approach I can target songs as I go along and record the bones and then decide what I’d need to add later. This is quite interesting and I think things will become apparent! It’s quite an exciting way of recording but it will be slow-ish.

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