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Tuba Recording

05-17-14-Tuba6A-harrrr! Today has been the day for Tuba Recording. Hugh Rashleigh came round with his tuba in the sun. It has dents and a bar-code. I expect he just got it from Sainsburys…05-17-14-Tubas-x2

05-17-14-Tuba7Very interesting hearing tuba doing stuff close-up and a lovely sound.┬áIt is made of cardboard with gold leaf spread over it with a pallet-knife and it has 5,341ft of tubing which can stretch all the way from Warwick to Banbury if you unrolled it…




So now we have done tuba recording on Zero Inches and that track is almost done it just needs some wubs on trumpets what I have missed out only on 4 bars. How exciting.