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For Friends: Cropredy 2014


I’ve been playing at Cropredy on the weekend! This was as a guest with Deborah Rose which has been lovely. I’ve met and played with some great musicians who have played with Deb – Martin Riley on keyboard, Heather Truesdall on cello and Tony Kelsey on guitars. I played the French horn, accordion, bodhran, udu, chimes (plus teaspoon) and vocals. Look at Deb’s website to find out more about her…

Also the festival was really fantastic with lots of good turns on including some prog-rock which I quite like. Fairport played a brilliant set which included a song I wrote called Bring Me Back My Feathers. It was a bit of a surprise they played it which I found out on last Tuesday when we did the warm-up gig at The Banbury Mill and they asked me into the sound-check to listen to their version of it which is all twiddly and banjo. I like the banjo. The banjo is the instrument I wrote the song for. They are recording it on their new album ‘Myths and Heroes’. And I am recording it on my new album which is not named yet…

Wonderful = I met up with lots of old friends including people who play music and people who like music. And people who have something to do with music. Anyway – mostly we met at the bar. On Thursday I drank beer and on Friday and Saturday I drank vodka.

On Thursday morning I did a good thing and helped people to wake up on field 6A by doing a waking-up call on my pocket trumpet. I think people were pleased because as there is a festival going on then people need to get up and do festival things. I also shouted to get up in case they hadn’t heard the trumpet as I am not sure it was loud enough… Me and my friend Ulla did tent-peering and programme-sniffing. You might’ve noticed if you went to Cropredy that the yellow pages in the programme smelt completely different to the purple pages which meant that you could tell with your eyes shut if you were on page 6 (yellow) or page 44 (purpley-black). You will  have to find out for yourselfs what tent-peering is.

Anyway – it was most enjoyifying. And so when I got home I made the above video for all the friends and people who like Cropredy and go to it if you feel like watching it…I have added some pictures I took of some of the people. Especially you might  be able to see yourself on the one I took of lots of people sheltering in the record tent when it rained rather a lot.

On Saturday night there was nearly a hurricane which actually turned out to be just slightly raining.