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This recording is shaping up nicely and I am hoping it will be out late March or early April (2016).
It has these songs on it: Musicians, Bring Me Back My Feathers, Watching The Waves, Just Come Home, Zero Inches, Company Shirt, Everybody Loves You, Fly Away Little Bird, Lay Down Your Worries, Life Is Never and two others I hope but we’ll see…

Artists on it so far are: Dave Pegg bass, Alan Thomson bass, Spencer Cozens keyboards, Clive Bunker drums, Chris Leslie native American flute, Noel Le Long Mandolin, Oonagh Ryder vocals, Mason Le Long drums, Chas McDevitt trumpet, Kelvin Leitch snare, Jonathan Waller guitar and there will be some more I reckon.

Engineering has been done so far by: Bill Bates at Heathcote Studio, Mark Lee at Blue Moon Studio and Spencer Cozens at Steinway Recording Studios.


This below was written a couple of years ago and is the same project…

I’ve just started some recording after a break of nearly 10 years.  Latest about recording news can be found on my blog as I go along…


I’m going to attempt to record all the songs I haven’t recorded and want to record.

Some I wrote a long time ago and others I’ve made more recently. I’ve made about 150 songs in total so far but there are probably about 50 or more which I regard as a bit rubbish or something not quite right with them. I’ve only recorded about 45 of my songs so I’m hoping to work through gradually and record  – well – quite a lot!

As I go along I’ll be making some albums – it’ll all become apparent as I record which ones will go where.

So – recording started in November 2013 and it’s been great doing a bit of experimenting and creating with the very clever Bill Bates at his Heathcote Studios…