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Piano tuner

Yesterday I had my grand piano tuned by none other than thee famous Chris Teuten. He tunes many many pianos all over the place.

Chris-Teuten1This is him…

He always wear a suit and tie and has a interestifying case with different piano-tuning implements in. So far he has shown me how to take the keys out from the piano all in one go and check the hammers and take out dust from under etc, how to adjust the hammers so that they hit the strings properly, how to change a hammer, how to tune a note and how to tune the piano using just my thought-waves.

He says I could learn how to tune pianos without much difficulty thereby making lots of money as there are more pianos than tuners can cope with apparently but I don’t think I could do piano tuning because a) I would probably want to tune it differently to a normally-tuned piano b) I might get a slighty bit bored as you have to do all the octaves then all the fifths then the fourths and I would probably not be able to concentrate that long without getting distracted by actually playing the piano I was tuning c) I would have to tune pianos I don’t much like or pianos of people I don’t much like or both d) I would not like to wear a tie or suit e) All of these.

However Chris can do tuning and now my piano is in tune ready for Bill Bates (sound recording engineer) to come over and experiment with how he is going to record me singing with the lovely piano which has wellies on and the hinges for the lid are broken and it is almost as big as the room it’s in.

I am always most happy when my piano is just tuned as it sounds lovely. I wish I could take it with me…

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