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More Recording News

06-11-14-Banjo1I have been doing more recordingy things at Heathcote Studios with the amazing Bill Bates.

I have recorded yesterday night my song called ‘Bring Me Back My Feathers’ which is for banjo tuned to CGCD plus me singing and there will be other instrument added to this one e.g. mandolin etc.

06-11-14-DropinaholicBill very much enjoys doing drop-ins. Drop-ins are when you have done a perfect take except for one wrong thing. Then you do a drop-in. This is when Bill uses the sellotape to make the new track stick to the original track so it not notice at all that it’s a new track so everyone will think it was done in one take. NB you can use double-sided tape if you really want to but this obviously doesn’t work as well cos it’s sticky on both sides.

I have now recorded 4,762 feet of music so it’s going very well I think.

By the way – last recording session I learnt from Logic Pro that I was singing at between 44 and 47 miles an hour which is quite gratifying as I was always under the impression that I sang at 78.