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Cropredy and Warwick Festivals

All of a sudden I’ve got 3 gigs to report!


warwick-folk-festival1millLogoI’ve been invited to play at Cropredy as a guest on Deborah Rose’s set which is on Friday 8th August at 12.45. I’ve been working with Deb Rose for a few months since meeting her at the Spa Centre at a Fairport gig in January. We’ve been writing songs and talking and doing stuff together which has been lovely. At Cropredy I’ll be guesting on her songs. As part of this I shall also appear at Banbury Mill for her warm-up gig on Tuesday 5th August.

I’m also going to be playing Warwick Folk Festival which I haven’t done for a long time. I’ll be playing on Fri 25th July, Sat 26th July and Sun 27th July and making some unexpected appearances as well.

Exciting ay!