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Thankyou Tump Folk

Well what a lovely time I had last night playing at The Tump Folk Club! (organised by Karen) You can find the pictures on Facebook here… It was quite a full night with me doing the headline but… Read More

Tuba Recording

A-harrrr! Today has been the day for Tuba Recording. Hugh Rashleigh came round with his tuba in the sun. It has dents and a bar-code. I expect he just got it from Sainsburys… Very interesting hearing tuba doing… Read More

Warm Me Up Recording

This evening Bill came round to set-up for the tuba tomorrow for we are having a tuba played by Hugh Rashleigh who has invented a plastic trumpet. Hoorah. Anyway – I have recorded the piano part for my… Read More

T-shirt for Dave Pegg

Look! Peggy (Fairport Convention bass player) done a T-shirt out of a cartoon I made for him cos he hurted his fingers badly and couldn’t play for a long time. I saw him with the Fairports on Monday… Read More

No So Arghhh Now

Now I don’t need to communicate using a laptop or bits of paper. I can go lar a bit. Tomorrow I shall be going LAR. And then on Sunday I shall go LAR. And from then on who… Read More


Lost my voice from having a cold and had to cancel stuff… Can’t speak even so = communicating with people using laptop as I am quicker at typing than at writing. However I can see that this will… Read More

Eddi Reader at Huntingdon Hall

Me and my friend Deborah Rose – excellent singer went off down to Huntingdon Hall the other day to see Eddi Reader who I know from doing some performing with in the past. We were unexpectedly asked up… Read More

Fiddly Bits and Piano Mics

Today Bill is here again recording the piano and vocal. There are some drop-ins and fiddly bits but all is fab and doodly and nifty. However then technical things going on blah blah very boring anyway you can… Read More

Odd Orders Merchandise

Today Odd Werner Sorensen who is from Norway ordered two things from my shop. I am just putting the things in a jiffy bag to send off tomorrow. Isn’t he lovely! Look – this is him…It is actually… Read More

A Song For My Piano

Done recording today with Bill recording my piano at my house! Exciting. I have been doing ‘Song For My Piano’, Fly Away Little Bird’, ‘Everybody Loves You’ and ‘Shine’. Also ‘Company Shirt’ We have got the piano right… Read More

My Piano Hammer

Chris Teuten the brilliant piano tuner has had to take away one of my piano hammers in January sometime. In fact it is actually not all that bad because it is a note I don’t know about as… Read More

New open mic starting

Hello here is a lovely new open mic starting. It’s every 3rd Sunday of the month starting THIS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 16th. It is EARLY start and finish 6.30pm until 9pm.   It’s at Priors Marston village which is… Read More

Recording Zero Inches

So I’ve mostly been at Bill’s doing recording Zero Inches which is going to have = lots of trumpets and is going to get a tuba undoubtedly. At the moment though I just need to get the vocal… Read More