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Treat for Thursday 4Penny…

Hello look who is coming to the Fourpenny Shop on next Thursday!

Yes it’s Pete Jones and if you forgot what he looks like this is what he used to look like but he’s alright now…Pete-Jones-1990



Please come along as he would like to see you all from thee olden days at Warwick Folk Club what used to go on at The Red Lion, The Black Horse and The Globe.

Recording Latest


This recording is shaping up nicely and I am hoping it will be out late March or early April (2016).
It has these songs on it: Musicians, Bring Me Back My Feathers, Watching The Waves, Just Come Home, Zero Inches, Company Shirt, Everybody Loves You, Fly Away Little Bird, Lay Down Your Worries, Life Is Never and two others I hope but we’ll see…

Artists on it so far are: Dave Pegg bass, Alan Thomson bass, Spencer Cozens keyboards, Clive Bunker drums, Chris Leslie native American flute, Noel Le Long Mandolin, Oonagh Ryder vocals, Mason Le Long drums, Chas McDevitt trumpet, Kelvin Leitch snare, Jonathan Waller guitar and there will be some more I reckon.

Engineering has been done so far by: Bill Bates at Heathcote Studio, Mark Lee at Blue Moon Studio and Spencer Cozens at Steinway Recording Studios.


This below was written a couple of years ago and is the same project…

I’ve just started some recording after a break of nearly 10 years.  Latest about recording news can be found on my blog as I go along…


I’m going to attempt to record all the songs I haven’t recorded and want to record.

Some I wrote a long time ago and others I’ve made more recently. I’ve made about 150 songs in total so far but there are probably about 50 or more which I regard as a bit rubbish or something not quite right with them. I’ve only recorded about 45 of my songs so I’m hoping to work through gradually and record  – well – quite a lot!

As I go along I’ll be making some albums – it’ll all become apparent as I record which ones will go where.

So – recording started in November 2013 and it’s been great doing a bit of experimenting and creating with the very clever Bill Bates at his Heathcote Studios…

Recording Clive

Yesterday was recording drummer Clive Bunker at Blue Moon Studios near Banbury (excellent). You already know Clive because he was the drummer for Jethro Tull from 1967 to 1971 and was on Aqualung.

Clive also played on my album Paper Girl and came touring with me in Germany in 2004.

Anyway – here is Clive in the studio playing on Musicians, Life Is Never, Watching The Waves and Just Come Home…

Nursery Tavern Tonight


All you do is go to Coventry and do some rights and lefts and then park on LORD STREET CV5 8DA and then go in. It look like someone’s house very nice but only with a bar and pub type things such as rugby shirts trapped behind glass etc etc.

Then you buy a nice beer and say hello to people and then sit nicely and see the gig which is not only me but some other people called Thru’penny Bits and Murphy who are going on first and then the other one last and I am in the middle.
I spect I shall play for about half an hour. It starts half eight.

4Penny Shop Special Tonight


Hoorah. It’s the Old FourPenny Shop in Crompton Street Warwick TONIGHT.

It’s awfully such fun and there will be our friends John and Ali going who are coming all the way from Cornish. Also Keith Donnelly. Plus lots of good and nice musicians.

Let’s all go.

Here’s what to do:
1. Enjoy selfs
2. Drink
3. No farting smells
4. Do try to smile
5. No builder’s bum
6. Be jolly
7. Nothing
8. Sing nicely please
9. No doing two songs in a row unless an emergency
10. Drink
11. Forgot what 11. is
12. Sit
13. Roll over
14. Drink
Love annA x

Recording News


Maybe you are wondering what is happening with my recording? Well it is getting nearer to completion. Hoorah.

I am having a few guests to play which I’ll tell you more about later. So far I have played piano, keyboard, trumpets, guitars, accordion, banjo, French horns, and done harmonies.

I am recording these songs:

Zero Inches
Bring Me Back My Feathers
Watching The Waves
Lay Down Your Worries
Fly Away Little Bird
Song For My Piano
Everybody Loves You
Company Shirt
Life Is Never
Just Come Home
Warm Me Up

Maybe they won’t all get onto the record… we’ll see.
What’s really great is that at last I have been able to use my 1913 Bluthner Drawing Room Grand Piano for the piano stuff. This is because Bill Bates recording engineer musician singer-songwriter has been able to do it. And because Chris Teuten piano tuner managed to get the piano in tune. Also I expect it’s because the piano appreciated having a 100th birthday party put on for it last September…

More news later – in the meantime here is a friend of mine called Keith in the shape of a fish.


Recording Jonathan

Today has been recording an excellent guitar player Jonathan Waller onto Zero Inches. So far I have 7 trumpets, tuba, accordion, several vocals and brushes on this track. Hoorah. Here he is looking nonchalant…
IMG_3337a IMG_3334aIMG_3336a

Fairport singing Bring Me Back My Feathers

Hoorah and hooray. Fairport Convention have been on tour – last gig tonight – and have one of my songs in their set. It is called Bring Me Back My Feathers which I wrote for my strange meddled-with Ozark banjo, and they’ve also recorded it on their latest album called Myths and Heroes. Fairport have recorded 2 others of my songs in the past – Sailing Boat and The Crowd. It is so nice that they liked another song though!

Banjo red low resHere’s what I wrote about the song in the album notes:
I made this on an Ozark 5-String banjo which was purloined for me from an Oxfam shop in 1987. Needless to say the banjo has four strings which I didn’t remedy, and tend to tune it nowadays to CGCD which is a sort of bluegrassy mountain tuning.
This is the tuning I was fiddling about with using a flat pick when this simple tune popped up – I put in some place-holder words which had been made during a special needs project I do every year in Brum called Fox Hollies Summer Scheme (we produce a show from scratch making the story, drama, music, songs, dance and artwork, and then we perform it at the end of the week). The original meaning of the line was literal, the whole show being about a parrot! I meant to replace the words which turned out to be the title of the song, but this line stuck, and I’m glad it did as it’s slightly peculiar.

Myths and Heroes

Being Mark Rylance

We are RadaR-b!Rds and we have done Being Mark Rylance…

We love his acting and he did acting in Wolf Hall recently being Thomas Cromwell and very good. We had to do practicing to get the eyebrows and mouths right.